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More advanced students. We've never met before, so I planned to use some pronunciation activities both to break the ice and to warm up. Mark Hancok's Pronunciation Games will be our main tool.
We first wanted to see how well participants could do, so I asked them to remember about pronunciation. How?  

10 Reasons why pronunciation is important

In pairs, they have to decipher which seemed to be the problem in the following sentences for the message to get across.

1.     Last year three veils swam up the river from the vest.

2.    I think I’ll have toast and yam for breakfast.

3.    He sent me a beautiful pink Valentine’s cart.

4.    Come down to the harbour, there’s a sheep coming in.

5.    Waiter, can I have an omelette without jokes?

6.    No, it’s not the lady in the flowery dress.  It’s the tin one.

7.    No way!  It can’t be true.  You’re choking!

8.    I can’t go out.  I’ve a big spot on my gin.

9.    Can you speak louder?  My earring is not good.

10. We’re very politically motivated. We’re always on marshes.

 After checking, and having some sort of debate about the importance of pronunciation, I came up with a web site on pronunciation they mught be interested in:

Pronunciation animations from Cambridge






But that was not all!!

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